Speech and Language Programmes

Talk and Play is an adapted Hanen speech and language programme for parents and children age 0-4 years. In this programme parents are supported by the SureStart Speech and Language Therapists to develop effective ways of helping their child’s communication skills.

Crèche is provided for this programme when necessary.

Talking Tots is a parent and child group for children 18 months to 3 years who are late talkers or if there is concern about communication skills. Running in our premises at 27 Galliagh Park, this group is delivered over a 4-week period with sessions twice weekly and a further session for the child in the Chatter Crèche.

Play and Discover is a parent and toddler group which supports families where there is a diagnosis of additional needs or concern about their child’s development.

Training packages in speech and language development including Elklan and Hanen for SureStart staff, teachers and other early years workers are delivered as required by the SureStart Speech Therapist.

Resources such as “Chatterpacks” are available through our Early Years Services to provide parents with resources and practical fun activities to help develop their child’s communication skills.

Speech and Language Therapist is available for individual consultation and to provide advice and support to parents regarding communication concerns.

For further information or support contact:

Speech and Language Therapist on 02871 356110