Promoting Positive Behaviour

SureStart Shantallow delivers the Promoting Positive Behaviour Management Programme on a one-to-one basis to support parents in coping with their child's behaviour.

Exploring issues like:

  • How to help your child to manage their emotions and behave well
  • Building a positive relationship with your child
  • Understanding temper tantrums
  • Rules and routines to help your children feel safe
  • Staying calm and trying to work out what your child is feeling
  • Deciding what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable
  • Finding support for yourself
  • Praising positive behaviour
  • Accepting and dealing with angry and frustrated feelings
  • How to be flexible where necessary
  • How to develop confidence in your ability as a parent.

If you are interested please contact us on 02871 352522 or 028 71356110.