Incredible Years Programmes

The Incredible Years Babies programme is an evidence-based parenting programme aimed at babies aged 0-12 months, designed to strengthen and support existing parenting skills and promote children’s development socially, emotionally, physically and educationally.

Although this is a structured parenting approach (7 weeks) it is based on a collaborative approach to parenting which builds on a parents' strengths and allows them to explore and “own” the information and advice given and encourages homework as a means to try out learning during the session. This programme is proven to increase confidence in parenting and this in turn has an ongoing positive impact on children in all aspects of development.

The Incredible Years Toddler programme (1 – 3 years) supports parents and builds optimal parenting skills in the following ways:

  • Learning how child-directed play promotes positive relationships
  • Understanding how to use emotion coaching to build children’s emotional vocabulary and encourage their expression of feelings
  • Building children’s self-esteem through praise and encouragement
  • Understanding how to set up programs for problems such as dressing, compliance, sharing, eating, going to bed, toilet training and gentle animal care
  • Parents maintaining self-control using calm-down strategies and positive self-talk.

To book a place on this programme contact us on 028 71352522.