Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga promotes bonding between parents and babies.

SureStart Baby Yoga is a fun experience and provides playful yoga poses, songs and activities, including tummy time and soothing techniques to teach parents to help babies to calm themselves.

Baby Yoga helps to improve sleeping patterns, aids digestion, eases constipation and helps relieve gas and colic through simple and soft yoga poses.

Baby Yoga increases body awareness for both baby and parent and is a great way to strengthen their bodies, calm their minds, relieve stress in baby and parent, feel relaxed and get back in shape.

Baby Yoga initiates social interactions for both parent and baby, teaches you to learn your baby's cues and develops trust. The closeness you share with your baby during Baby Yoga increases the release of 'love hormone' oxytocin.

Happy parent, happy baby, happy home

Babies lova yoga!

For further information or to register contact 028 71356110 or 028 71352522.