Amazing Babies

Amazing Babies is a fun 8-week programme providing weekly informal play sessions for you and your baby in a small group setting.

Facilitated by our Health Visitor and Family Support Worker, Amazing Babies uses a structured format, with each session focusing on a different aspect of play, encouraging physical and social development and supporting speech development at this very important age.

Each session begins with “The Hello song” ends with “The Bye Bye song” which helps babies identify their own and others names – and they LOVE it. During the session babies and their parents enjoy the core activities which include talk time, songs and rhymes, reading stories and play activities. Through informal discussion in “Talk Time” we will help you to identify which skills your baby has displayed during the session and offer tips on how to further develop these skills. To support you in this, we will build on your own expertise and experience as parents, by offering you information, ideas and guidance.

For further information or to register contact us on 028 71356110 or 028 71352522.